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Awto Transport

Takes you from A to B safely with upfront prices

Awto Food

Gets you food or grocery when you're are busy(or tired) to go out

Awto Express

Gets your documents or packages to their destination

Reduce your carbon footprint by Sharing your ride

Every shared Commute helps reduce the number of cars on the road and the number of carbon emissions released daily. Every Commute Adds Up To Make A Difference.

From A to B with Awto​

Awto Economy

Base fare - 3 (1.5km incuded)
per km - 0.90
per min - 0.25
min fare - 5

Awto Share

Base fare - 3 (1.5km incuded)
per km - 1
per min - 0.25
min fare - 5

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Awto Ev + comfort

Base fare - 4 (1.5km incuded)
per km - 1.0
per min - 0.90
min fare - 10

Earn extra money driving

Set your  schedule, be your own boss



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Get a taxi driver's license and taxi operating license

If you already have both licenses, you’re ready to go. If not, book an appointment and we’ll help you through the licensing process.

Awto Oy is working to Carbon-neutral

Ready to make a difference?

Every time you take a Awto ride, we donate to carbon offset projects across the globe. You don’t have to do anything differently, just request your Awto ride and enjoy your trip!